Introducing brand new Home Theater PC’s designed to maximise your lounge / cinema room

experience. Built with the highest quality components available, allowing them to be whisper quiet and keep cool,whilst delivering the highest possible audio and visual experience including: Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, Optical and HDMI out.

Entertainment systems are built to look like a component in your lounge room (eg. your amplifier). Combining your Photos, Music, DVD & BluRay Movies, Ultra Smooth Gaming and HD TV Tuner (Watch and Record at the same time) into one complete unit. Also giving you complete (WiFi) computing at your fingertips in the comfort of your lounge room.

Imagine coming home, turning your Home Theater system on, and being able to do everything with a wireless mouse or single remote control. From basics like playing a DVD and checking your email or favorite websites, to complete true High Definition 1080p movies with digital Dolby surround sound.

Systems are completely customizable and we will help you with every stage of the parts selection process. Let us transform your lounge room into something you will look forward to spending time in each day.

ALL enquires welcome!