Does Your Computer Crash, Take Forever to Start? Run Slowly, or Infected with Viruses and Spyware? Can’t get online to the internet? Got a “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD)? Do you want Data Recovered from your hard drive? Do you want a hardware upgrade, or software upgrade? Do you want to Upgrade Your Computer with a bigger Hard Drive, Play the Newest Games, and have New Functionality?

We can help! Drop in or give us a call.
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We custom build desktop pc’s, from basic home use systems, to Core i5 and i7 gaming machines, including water cooling and case modding. Much better value for money, highest quality parts used and all construction carried out in store.
Repairs and Upgrades on all brands carried out in store. Including Maintenance, Dust removal, Viruse removal and general speed increase
Repairs on all notebook brands carried out in store. Service’s, Viruses, Over Heating and much more.